Capturing life's memories for personal growth and posterity,

 because every life has a story to tell.

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We are the Keepers of History.  We come from all walks of life. We are children and parents, and grandparents. We may be doctors, lawyers, or office clerks; painters, housekeepers, and contract workers. Many of us are retired and yet actively involved in this business of life and living. We are thinkers and doers.  We know that life is important and value who we are and where we have been.

Our desire to record runs deep--a natural condition of man. Cavemen left their pictographs engraved or painted on walls, their stories and sign that they had been here. Time moved forward and we developed our languages and improved our writing implements; all the while, people continued to inform and record.  

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We know of pilgrims, the pioneers and their trek west, the gold rush, the development of our nation--all that we know we know because there have always been keepers of history; some were newspaper men and journalists, but many were husbands and wives and children who kept diaries or journals and recorded events, motivated by their love for the written word, or a need to say, "Hey! I was here. This is what I did." 

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We write for ourselves and we write for posterity.  We want our children and grandchildren to get a glimpse of who we are, some sense of the struggles we embraced and the challenges we faced; the goals that we achieved, and maybe some mention of our failures; the people that we loved and loved us in return.  We record family recipes, anecdotes, and funny stories; life changing and memorable events, our joys, and sometimes our tragedies. We may evoke a tear, a smile, or all out laughter, because, after all, we write about life.  

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Become a Keeper of History.  Open a journal and write a few words. If you need help, consider hiring a writing coach, a.k.a. personal historian. We are here to help make the writing happen We offer skills you may not have, and are willing to share what we know using proven tools and exercises to help bring forward memories, and easy ways to capture your words and then polish them for presentation and preservation.  I can help at all stages of writing from mining memories to final presentation or publication.   I see my task as saving lives, one story at a time--a helping hand for other Keepers of History.

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